3rd XI do it tough

The third eleven took the field with only 8 on Saturday and waited forlornly for the anticipated arrival of the “the Doctor” or any other reinforcements which might aid the cause.


However no such miracle occurred thus we looked a few short in the field (8) as the Mulgrave put our bowlers to the sword for 263 runs off 40 overs.


The younger members of the team, Adrian Bonato and David Serong provided the only highlights in the field with some good bowling and catching. Mick Lowry put in a Tom Mitchell type performance with plenty of touches at square leg.

Only captain Keogh batted with any assuredness, composing a entertaining 42 in the fading light and bitter cold of Mulgrave. Bonato and Serong once again showed they were up for the fight with some lusty blows to keep Mulgrave from an early supper

As it was the team scraped together 134. 

Andrew (Coloe’s mate) played his first game in many years (and I think soon regretted it) but he showed good pace with the ball and composure with the bat

Players required to keep this team on the field post a break next week for Derby Day