Intra-Club Practice Game Squads

Practice Match Squads for the weekend:


Bortolotto, Nicholas (C)
Kazalac, James (VC)
Fallshaw, Daniel
Burt, Nicholas
Stewart, Callan R
Dallimore, Andrew M
Rush, Tim J
Day, Daniel B
Watty, Nicholas
Evans, Lachlan J
French, Peter
Mirabella, Peter D
Dinneen, Paul
Dinneen, Michael
Mirabella, Michael T
Mackie, Lachlan
Kemp, Robert
Mackie, Sam


Black, Julian (C)
Coloe, Daniel (VC)
Donnellan, Joel K
Donnellan, Tomas
Williams, Broderick
Cimoli, Daniel
Keogh, Andrew J
Murray, Ron
Serong, David
Donnellan, Paul
Massarotti, Adam
Hiser, William

Please Note that a few Marcellin people have been moved across to the NON team because of their past cricket club.

Please let us know if you are available or not so we can sort out teams for the weekend.