Q: My child plays for another club. Why should he join Marcellin?

A: The Under 16 year level is an important one for junior cricketers. Juniors who commit to Under 16s are by now, seriously interested in the game.  Typically there is a great drop off of players after Under 14s as kids (and their parents) start to make choices about their preferred sports. Sometimes though, juniors in the Under 16s can find themselves missing out on their potential simply because there are TOO many players in the squad (or not enough), or because of issues around friendship groups just to name a couple of reasons.  So a fresh start can be a good way to go. By all means if your child is happily playing and participating in his junior club, make sure he/she sticks with it.  We just love seeing young players participating regardless of club loyalties.  Our Under 16 team will be our primary focus - your child will not be lost in the system and will be given every opportunity to thrive.

Q: My child has never played cricket - is your program for him/her?

A: Probably not if he or she is just starting out altogether. If you think your child has some raw cricket talent (he/she blitzes backyard cricket) or hangs around in the nets with his cricket friends, then call us. We can discuss the options.

Q: What are your expectations for the parents?

A: Same as all other clubs.  There will be rosters for parent duties: Scoring, umpiring, providing home game refreshments etc.

Q: We are keen to get our son enrolled at Marcellin.  Will registering him with your junior club support our application?

A: No. Here is a link to the College's enrolment information on its website

Q: If you have a squad of more than 12, does this mean my child will be rostered off regularly?

A: Realistically, the ideal number for a squad is 14 players. This allows for natural rotation due to availability etc.  We expect your child may miss one match during the season due to natural rotation.

Q: My son is enrolled at Marcellin, can his non-Marcellin cricket friends join in?

A: Absolutely - yes.

Q: I might have difficulties with getting my son to a match on a  Friday night. Do other parents help out with transport?

A: Yes.  Also if you are a Marcellin parent, you will be fully aware of how advantageous it could be if your son was playing with this team in respect of convenience and logistics.